"Renaissance of the Heart took me through an incredible journey of healing that I am now so grateful for. To be liberated from old thought patterns and completely empowered to take charge of one’s own health and wellness is so far beyond anything you can ever find in traditional medicine. Thank you Dr. Mary, Nancy and Ceitlyn for all you do!"


Welcome to Renaissance of the Heart and our companion blog.

Renaissance of the Heart is an organization dedicated to rediscovering the true essence of healing at its simplest and most elegant. Renaissance means rebirth. Essentially, it is our hearts that need to be reborn as the guiding influence of our lives. Being heart centered allows us to regain our birthright as joyful, loving and productive beings.

Through our explorations into the essence of healing, we have been shown a system of healing we call Renaissance of the Heart Healing. As we move higher levels of consciousness through our heart centers and those of our clients, we facilitate the healing of emotional, psychological, physical, social and spiritual problems gently yet effectively.

Whether you have come to this site in search of healing, information, or support, we are happy you have found us. We are here to learn, explore, teach, guide and help all who are seeking. Come join us in this healing adventure. Learn to sing the song of your heart—awaken to yourself.