Recommended Web Sites

Below are brief descriptions of web sites that Renaissance of the Heart has found helpful or of interest in our journeys. These are our views of each of the web sites and are not intended to be a definitive portrayal of the source.

  Gary Craig—Emotional Freedom Techniques Gary Craig is the developer of the internationally known and taught Emotional Freedom Technique. This energetic healing technique is very accessible and easy to use. The website has resources to help you learn the technique free of charge and also has a searchable database containing case studies of those who have used EFT successfully for many different types of problems.

  Egoscue This website contains information about the Egoscue method of body alignment and pain relief. All of our practitioners have found the Egoscue method beneficial for dealing with pain, sleep issues, and greater ease of movement.

  George Hunter George Hunter is an energy healer on the East Coast whose work resonates with Renaissance of the Heart.

  The Hendricks Institute This institute was founded by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks and is a learning center that teaches skills for conscious living. Gay Hendricks is a well known author and lecturer whose books are classics in the field.

  Innersource This is the website for Donna Eden and David Feinstein, noted authorities on energy psychology and energy medicine. The site includes information on healing classes and energy products.

  Institute for the Study of Peak States This is an organization dedicated to studying peak states of consciousness. This group’s research formed the basis for some of the early foundations of Renaissance of the Heart.

  Institute of Noetic Sciences The Institute of Noetic Sciences is a non-profit organization that sponsors research into consciousness. It has a wide number of programs and events in Northern California.

  International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine This international interdisciplinary organization, known as ISSSEEM, is dedicated to exploring subtle energies and their relationship to the experience of consciousness, healing, and human potential.

  Bruce Lipton Bruce Lipton is a nationally known author and healer. His many books bridge mainstream science and alternative healing modalities.

  Lynne McTaggart Lynne McTaggart is an author and journalist. The site includes a community for world-wide energy workers and likeminded souls.

  Monroe Institute for the study of consciousness Over their more than 30 years, thousands of people have used the Monroe Institute’s workshops and program materials to explore their inner dimensions.

  Win Wenger This extensive site contains information on a wide range of subjects. The T & L Techniques link has many exercises for creativity such as Image Streaming.

  Zoetic Workshops Incorporated This is the web site of Liora Hill, founder of Zoetic Workshops. The series of Zoetic workshops are dedicated to transforming human consciousness from the Spirit within.

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