Mary Pellicer, MD

Mary Pellicer, MD has a lifelong interest in healing work. Trained as a family practitioner, she worked for a number of years in a community and migrant health clinic practicing conventional allopathic medicine. She also has experience in community work, having served as both medical director of a healthy community project for a large hospital system and evaluation consultant for a number of community service programs.

Mary is a founding member of Renaissance of the Heart, LLC, a group dedicated to transforming the current healing paradigm. She and her partners, Nancy Smeltzer and Ceitllyn Connal continue the development and refinement of a system of energetic and spiritual healing called Renaissance of the Heart Healing.

She is also very interested in integrating knowledge and techniques from her explorations on the frontiers of healing, back into the current cultural paradigm and in being a bridge between conventional and alternative healing modalities. Mary finds great joy in helping people to heal, especially from chronic conditions, and has taught hundreds of people to use various self-healing techniques with great success.

Nancy Smeltzer

Nancy Smeltzer is a co-developer and founding partner of Renaissance of the Heart Healing. Together with her healing partners, Dr. Mary Pellicer, MD, and Ceitllyn Connal, their modality has been used with clients in their long distance healing practice throughout the US, Canada; Russia; Switzerland; and Australia. Nancy only became aware of her healing abilities in 2004. Having taught herself to be clairvoyant and clairaudient, she also uses her skills to research consciousness and has collaborated with a number of other alternative healers. She and her partners say that they are enrolled in the School of the Divine, meaning that they ask the Divine what needs to be done for each new client, and then “shut up and listen”. As a result, the breadth of knowledge that makes up Renaissance of the Heart is constantly being expanded, which makes the research exciting and rewarding.

Ceitllyn Connal

Ceitllyn Connal began her healing journey in 1986 with the discovery of an uncovered trauma that made significant changes in her life. Since then, she has sought out different healing modalities trying to find her missing heart pieces. After walking many different pathways, her journey led her to Yakima Washington.

In the fall of 2006, Ceitllyn met Dr. Mary Pellicer and another healing pathway emerged. In April 2007, she attended a Level One Releasing from the Heart workshop. Experiencing severe anxiety at the time, she was able to use the tools from the workshop to heal the anxiety. With the practice of the Releasing from the Heart technique and more advanced healing methods, Ceitllyn healed her original trauma, her depression and debilitating food allergies. Mid December 2007 brought her another facet to her journey; she became an apprentice working with Dr. Mary and Nancy Smeltzer to build her skills. Ceitllyn is now an accomplished healer in her own right and a full partner in the Renaissance of the Heart healing adventure.

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