Renaissance of the Heart Healing

A Description: Renaissance of the Heart Healing is a complete system of healing developed to aid in healing all types of issues and problems: emotional, psychological, physical, social and spiritual. It releases stress and trauma from deep within a person’s consciousness in order to bring about healing. It is based on the following three tenets:

People are designed to live their lives guided and governed by their heart center.

When our heart centers are open and functioning as the guiding focus of our lives, we are able to live lives that are love based and are optimally functional. However, over the course of each of our lives, various traumas and stressors cause parts of us to become disconnected and dissociated from this central focal point of connection. These disconnections are what we experience as the emotional, psychological, physical, social and spiritual problems that may disrupt our lives and can cause so much turmoil and suffering. Reestablishing the central role of the heart and reconnecting the dissociated parts leads to a restoration of health and a return to optimal functioning.

People exist on multiple levels or planes of existence.

We are generally most familiar with the physical level of our existence: our physical bodies built up from the essence of matter—atoms. However, we also exist on other planes of being. The Energetic Plane, for example, incorporates the meridian and chakra systems. Other planes of importance include the Electromagnetic Plane, the Spiritual Plane, the Plane of Beliefs, the Plane of Sacred Geometry, as well as many others. A problem that we see manifested on the physical plane also involves disruptions and imbalances on multiple other planes. A problem must be healed and integrated on all the various levels where it exists in order to achieve complete healing. In order to do this successfully, it is necessary for our consciousnesses to be fully integrated with our bodies. Leaving the body during stress is a commonly employed coping strategy of the unconscious; although, most people aren’t aware that they do so. Effective and efficient healing is difficult at best to accomplish if the person is not well integrated with their body. Techniques that allow for this integration and also take into consideration clearing on all the planes of existence seem necessary so the problem will not return in one form or another.

In order to experience optimal health and healing, people have to let go of the illusion of control and surrender to the Divine.

We all have connections to the Divine whether or not we are aware of them. Universal healing power flows from this Divine Source and is available to all of us at all times. By allowing this powerful loving force to orchestrate the sequence and the timing of the various phases of healing, the result is gentle, thorough and relatively quick. However, most people have significant subconscious blocks to accessing this power to heal themselves. The Renaissance of the Heart Healing practitioner acts as a catalyst to help break through a client’s specific blocks to accessing this universal healing power. In essence, the healing practitioner becomes a partner with the client to remove each successive block and to assist in manifesting the desired result and restoration of health.

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