Following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Each question is followed by our answer to the best of our current understanding; we do not claim to have the ultimate and final answer to anything. As we progress through our own journeys we are constantly being shown new information and as our understanding changes we will update any answers as appropriate. Also, do not feel obliged to believe anything we say, we absolutely urge people to check in with their own inner wisdom and guidance as they formulate a model of how the world and the universe work.

What is trauma?

A traumatic event is any life experience that causes a person to separate or compartmentalize thoughts and feelings about the experience from their normal consciousness. This separation in the consciousness is often called dissociation.

When a person dissociates they do not fully experience an event and their consciousness is not fully connected to their body. This dissociation can happen to a mild degree, in which case it may not be noticed as being abnormal, or it can cause such a severe split that the person forms separate personalities to deal with the traumatic experience. The more severe a trauma is the more severe and extensive the dissociation tends to be.

Dissociation may be useful in that it allows a person to survive in the face of sometimes overwhelming psychological or physical stress. However, it doesn’t allow a person to be fully in an experience and as a result, the “energy” associated with that experience becomes stuck within the person’s energy field. This stuck energy from an unhealed trauma continues to be present in a person’s energy field until released by some sort of healing process. Stuck energy, if left long enough, creates dysfunction, disharmony and disease.

What are past lives?

It has been our experience that people appear to have multiple lifetimes that they have experienced. These are commonly referred to as “past lives” because they usually seem to have occurred at an earlier time in earth’s history. When we understand ourselves as spiritual beings that have physical experiences, the phenomenon of past lives is a little more understandable. It is as if we (the eternal spiritual beings) are actors and actresses who take on multiple movie acting roles (each of our lifetimes) during our careers.

What is past life trauma and how do you heal it?

We often find that people are carrying around unhealed traumas from various past lives that they have lived. As a result, a person may be responding to events in this lifetime based on old “scripts” of which they have little knowledge.

For example, we worked with one woman who had a tendency to hoard all sorts of things, most of which had little actual value to her. She would become quite anxious when she tried to clean this junk out of her closets. She was aware that the anxiety was way out of proportion to the situation. We were shown a past life of hers where, while living in a hunter-gatherer society, she had not stored enough provisions for the winter and all of her children had died. When this past life trauma was healed, she began to make progress toward cleaning up her hoarded stashes and the anxiety was drastically reduced.

When we are shown a past life that needs to be dealt with, we ask the Divine to do whatever is needed to heal that ancient version of our client. Then we witness this healing occurring and watch the changes ripple forward through time into our client in the present. The last step is to check in with the client to see if this past life healing has shifted how they are feeling about the issue in the present.

What is generational trauma?

Generational trauma is trauma that is energetically inherited. The original trauma did not actually happen to the present day person (or to one of their past life personas) but to one of their ancestors. This type of trauma is carried energetically through the DNA line and comes through parents, grandparents, and on back to the ancestor who first experienced the trauma.

When we are shown this type of trauma, we ask to go back to the earliest ancestor where the trauma originated. We ask the Divine to do whatever is needed to heal the ancestor, and then witness as the healing ripples forward into the present. Again, the last step is to check to determine if this generational trauma healing has impacted the client in the present.

Can any trauma be healed?

In our experience, any trauma can be healed. However, a person may have numerous blocks and high levels of resistance to allowing the healing to occur. This resistance to healing is almost always held in an unconscious part of a person’s psyche. While the conscious part of a person may desperately want to be rid of an issue, the unconscious part often feels a need to hang onto the problem. In fact this unconscious part may feel that the person’s very survival depends upon hanging onto the problem.

To address this push-pull within a person’s consciousness, techniques need to be used to first access and heal the unconscious fears and resistance. Once the resistance is lowered, the stuck energy of the trauma can then be released. For very large traumas, there are often many layers that need to be released. However, once all the layers of stuck energy associated with a trauma are released, the impact on the person becomes negligible although the facts of the traumatic incident still remain.

What is the Triune Brain Theory?

This theory of the evolutionary development of the human brain was proposed by Dr. Paul MacLean at the NIH (National Institute of Health) in the 1960s. He was expanding on the work of James Papez. The Triune Brain Theory proposes three major parts of our brain: the reptilian brain, the mammalian brain, and the primate brain.

Certain theories of consciousness propose that there is a component of human consciousness associated with each of these parts of the brain: the Body Consciousness is associated with the reptilian brain, the Heart Consciousness with the mammalian brain and the Mind Consciousness with the primate brain. Moreover, these three main components of consciousness are often quite separated and functioning independently of each other. Because each part of a person’s consciousness may have a different agenda, this separation can lead to a sense of internal battles and struggles within the person which then results in dysfunctional behavioral patterns.

What is The Divine?

The Divine is the term we use to name the transcendental or spiritual power within the universe that is bigger than we are and beyond our full understanding. We use this rather generic term on purpose as our healing work is not based on any specific religious tradition or philosophy.

Throughout history and across many religions there have been numerous names given to The Divine: God, Great Spirit, Yahweh, Allah, All That Is, and many others. As far as we can tell The Divine answers to all these names and is more interested in what is in a person’s heart rather than the precise word that is on a person’s lips.

Do I have to come back for another session every time I have a new problem?

No. During the time we spend with our clients, our goal is to empower them so they are able to deal with their own issues as they arise. During the sessions we have with a client, we teach various healing techniques so that each client has healing tools to use as the need arises. However, we are always available if a client becomes stuck, can’t get past their internal resistance or otherwise comes across something very difficult to heal.

Do these techniques only work on certain kinds of problems?

The techniques we use and teach work directly with a person’s consciousness to heal stuck energy and release unconscious resistance. Because anything that a person perceives as a problem or issue involves stuck energy at one or more levels, our techniques can be used for improvement in virtually any facet of a person’s life.

We use these techniques to work with emotional, psychological, physical, social and spiritual problems including spiritual emergencies. Although in reality, every problem has a component from each of these arenas because we are holistic beings and not compartmentalized machines.

Do I have to have certain beliefs to do this work?

No. Anyone can benefit from these healing techniques; no particular beliefs are required. We have worked successfully with clients from many different religious and philosophical backgrounds. We always respect a person’s spiritual expression and there is no requirement for a person to change how they believe or how they express their spirituality.

Is Renaissance of the Heart healing painful?

Renaissance of the Heart Healing is designed to work in total alignment with a person’s heart center. Though we and our clients set intent and witness the healing as it occurs, it is The Divine who is actually doing the healing. We have found that when we stay surrendered to Divine wisdom in the direction, sequencing and execution of the healing, that moving through layers of resistance and releasing stuck energy is generally not painful at all. Our healing work does not involve what we call trauma drama (for example, acting out one’s rage in order to release it).

When occasionally clients do experience some type of emotional or physical pain, it is usually a result of one of two things. Sometimes as the healing work progresses, a client allows a long buried issue to rise to the surface and into their conscious awareness which can bring some pain as the long buried issue is now being felt and experienced prior to being healed. Other times, a client will unconsciously hold very tightly to their resistance to healing and at times this hanging on to the stuck energy is experienced as emotional or physical pain.

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