I spent the past seven years investigating healing modalities but became frustrated with having to work with a teacher or practitioner. Using “Releasing from the Heart”, I have felt so empowered to proactively engage in a path of my own healing. It has made all the difference in terms of clearing longstanding issues.



The use of the "Releasing from the Heart" technique has dramatically changed my life. With this technique I've gotten a precious tool for myself to cope with the upheavals and fears in my life in a healthier way. As before, I would feel victimized by life, depressed and paralyzed with fear. With the commands, I could surrender into the flow of the divine and feel the love that is there for me. In that state it felt like the answers would come easier to me and fears would disappear completely. I feel whole and loved and also empowered, because now I can deal with my issues on my own first and feel the immediate change in my body. It gave me back the freedom and peace of mind I was lacking before. Thank you from the depth of my heart for having introduced this technique to me!



Renaissance of the Heart techniques have helped me retain calm, peace and sanity in my world. I am physically stronger, as I am now evading illnesses. I am also managing my life with a more loving attitude as I am spiritually stronger than ever. As a result of this work, I am now accepting myself as a much stronger, more confident woman and mother.



The Renaissance of the Heart workshops get right to the point, starting with "square one", letting everyone access this universal lore and learn the universal skills involving the nonphysical or spiritual realms of existence, for sensing what's there, for healing ourselves and others and the world. These skills should be everyone's birthright, like our five senses-yes, even for folks like myself raised and trained in the rational, scientific, "prove it" mode of thinking. This work isn't anti-science; it extends science and knowledge in a vitally important way. It's also very gratifying in the heart.

Love & light,
Pete Benson

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